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Our volunteers are the “heART” ❤️ of Wayne Arts!

Wayne Arts runs completely on the energy of our volunteers. Wayne Arts needs you!  Just look at the hours needed and the cost if we had to pay someone. Quite simply, the organization would cease to exist. If you can lend a hand a few hours a year to help carry on our mission of "Arts for All", it would take to lighten the load for everyone. Thank you in advance!

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Consider the possibilities!    

Gallery Volunteers

- staff the gallery to keep it open during the week

- vacuuming, dusting, light cleaning of gallery

- address and stamp letters and post cards

- ordering/purchasing supplies

- provide refreshments for receptions and other events 
- set-up, serve and clean-up receptions 


Membership Committee
- maintain database of memberships 
- send out renewal notices
- solicit and welcome new members
- solicit business p

Exhibit Committee  
- seek out artists for Main and Fayad Galleries 
- chair an exhibit (May through December)
- coordinate High School/Middle School Exhibits - March & April
- be present for drop off and pick up of art at beginning and/or end of exhibits
- hang new exhibits, once per month May - December
- seek out judges for judged shows

- create gallery labels for art work
- coordinate with Communications and Volunteer Committees

Education Committee 
- assisting with the children’s art classes
- coordinating classes for adults or children
- seek out teachers for classes
- promoting classes in the various communities and school
- offer an artist demonstration or workshop
- teach a class for adults or children
- work with the Grants committee for funding


Internship Coordinator
- Contact high schools to let them know of the internship program 
- Contact applicants, let them know the expectations,

- Complete paperwork for students receive community service credit


Communications/Publicity/Public Relations

- Newsletter - gathering, writing, editing news articles

- create postcards and posters for exhibits

- update website and Facebook page frequently

- distribute promotional materials (posters, postcards) to off-site locations

- write articles for newspapers and send press releases

- send email updates to members and others

- outreach to community organizations, politicians, business leaders

Facilities & Maintenance Committee 
- patch and paint walls after exhibits and in January/February
- light carpentry, plumbing and electrical as needed
- light gardening and seasonal outdoor work

- communicate with Landlord as necessary


Grant Writing Team

- collect data for grant writing,

- write one or more of the grants

- take part in the FLCAG Panel

- team up with Education and Exhibits Committees regarding funding

Fundraising Committee 

- generating ideas and organizing fund raisers

- coordinate with Public Relations, Volunteers, Communications  & other committees

Technology Support

- provide tech support for website and webmail, phone, wi-fi and other technology systems

- knowledge of software (Excel, Word) 


Photographer Pool - photograph events, classes/workshops and receptions for use on  

website, facebook and to support grants

Volunteer Coordinator 
- work closely with Membership Committee to learn of members interested in volunteering
- contact members about their interest in volunteering
- train new volunteers or put volunteer in contact with specific committee chair for training
- contact volunteers to provide assistance as needed 

Become a Board Member - We’d love to have you!


Other? Let us know your ideas, talents and interests and how you'd like to contribute!


Tell a Friend, Bring a Friend- Perhaps you know someone who would like to help out. Feel free to share this with them! Bring them along and volunteer together!