Wayne Arts Exhibits 2019* 

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Regular Gallery Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 12-3pm

HIGH SCHOOL SHOW                     

Fayad Gallery:          TBD
Mon. Feb. 18 - Thurs. March 21                   

Reception: Sunday March 10, 2-4pm

     Special February Break Gallery hours: Monday Feb. 18 - Friday Feb. 22, 10am-3pm
Delivery of Art   Feb.14, 15, 12-6pm;     Feb.16, 12-3pm    
Removal or Art  Mar. 22, 12-6pm;   Mar. 23, 12-3pm

MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOW                             

Fayad Gallery:          TBD
Thurs. March 28 - Thurs. April 25                    

Reception: Sunday April 7, 2-4pm

   Special Spring Break Gallery hours: Monday April 15-19, 10am-3pm
Delivery of Art:   Mar. 22, 12-6; Mar. 23, 12-3pm     
Removal of Art: Apr. 26, 12-6; Apr. 27, 12-3pm

MEMBERS’ SHOW                                

Fayad Gallery: Bonnie Barber
Thursday May 2 - Saturday June 8                        

Reception: Sat. May 11, 4-6pm
Delivery of Art: Apr. 27, 3-6pm                           

Removal of Art: June 8, 3-6pm

REGIONAL PHOTO SHOW                                     

Fayad Gallery:  William DeMott
Thursday June 13 - Saturday July 20                     

Reception: Sat. July 13, 4-6pm
Delivery of Art: Sat. June 8, 3-6pm                           

Removal of Art: July 20, 3-6pm

ANYTHING GOES! SHOW                                  

Fayad Gallery: Judy Zappia
Thursday July 25 - Saturday Aug. 31

Reception: Sat. Aug. 10, 4-6pm
Delivery of Art: July 20, 3-6pm                          

Removal of Art: Aug. 31, 3-6pm

REGIONAL THEMED SHOW  -  2019  Theme: “Earth, Wind and Fire”                       

Fayad Gallery:  Kimberly Ferguson, photography   
Thursday Sept. 5 - Saturday Oct. 12

Reception: Sat. Sept. 14, 4-6pm
Delivery of Art: Aug. 31, 3-6pm                     

Removal of Art: Oct.12,  3-6pm

REGIONAL FIBER ARTS SHOW                       

Fayad Gallery: Sarah Woolf, photography
Thursday Oct. 17 - Saturday Nov. 23                     

Reception: Sat. Nov. 9,  4-6pm
Delivery of Art: Oct. 12, 3-6pm                           

Removal of Art: Nov. 23, 3-6pm


Fayad Gallery: Judi Shumway
Saturday November 30 - Saturday December 21
Reception and Holiday Open House:  Saturday Dec. 14, 10am-3pm
Delivery of Art: Nov. 23, 3-6pm                  

Removal of Art: Dec. 21, 12-3pm

*All dates and details subject to change.

Wayne County Council for the Arts

2019 Gallery and Exhibit Schedule

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