Best Supporting Actress Drama

Winner:  Alexis West, Lyons

Runnerup: Cierra Moody, Lyons

Best Supporting Actress Musical 
Winner: Lannon Loveless, North Rose, Wolcott

Runnerup:  Cassie Courteau, Gananda

Best Supporting Actor Drama
Winner: Ashton Keenem, Newark

Runnerup - Seth Nesbitt, Lyons

Best Supporting Actor Musical
Winner:  Harrison VanDeWalle, Sodus

Runnerup:  Keith Allen - Sodus   

Best Actress Drama
Winner:  Anisha Stallworth, Newark

Runnerup:  Natalie Acquista, Newark

Best Actress Musical
Winner:  Kennedy Jones, North Rose-Wolcott

​Runnerup:  Kaylie Barbosa, Ganada
Best Actor Drama
Winner:  Benjamin Cepulo, Newark

Runnerup:  Jaston Brooks, Newark

Best Actor Musical
Winner:  Danny Mares, Sodus

Runnerup:  Dominic Lombardo, Wayne Central

Best Orchestra
North Rose-Wolcott
Outstanding Dance Ensemble

  Outstanding Support Crew

Featured Performer (Actress)

Valerie Rodriquez, as Ayah, Wayne Central

Emma Brooks, as Charity, Palmyra-Macedon

Featured Performer (Actor)
Ryan Hermenet, as Charlie Cowell, Newark

Best Original Poster for Drama
Newark - poster by Liberty Faliveno

Best Original Poster for Musical
Newark - poster by Liberty Faliveno
Best Bill-Play for Drama

Best Bill-Play for Musical

Best Production Drama
Winner:  "Midsummer/Jersey" - Newark - directed by Emily Howard

Runnerup:  "Peter/Wendy" - Lyons - directed by Larry Ann Evans
Best Production Musical
Winner:  "Tuck Everlasting" - Sodus - directed by Gloria Mayou

​Runnerup:  "The Music Man" - Newark - directed by Emily Howard



​​Two years before the "Stars of Tomorrow" program was launched by the Rochester Broadway Theatre League, Wayne County led the way with the Elenbe Awards.

Best described as the “High School Tony Awards of Wayne County”, The Elenbe Awards recognizes excellence in drama and musical productions, both individuals and overall productions, in Wayne County high schools.  It was established in 1997 largely in part to efforts by Newark Superintendent (at the time) Bob Christmann and the Wayne County Council for the Arts.

In recent years Sue Bacon has served as the liaison between the schools, judges and the Council.  Any adult in Wayne County is eligible to participate as a judge.  Judges attend high school dramas and musicals throughout the year and rate performances with a Council established ratings sheet.  Not all schools choose to participate every year.  In May, a “red carpet” awards ceremony takes place at Newark High School (and broadcasts live on television).  Each participating school has the opportunity to perform a short selection from their production.  Due to copyright issues this portion of the ceremony cannot be aired on TV.  Pre-taped interviews with the director and student representatives from each school are broadcast before the ceremony. Don Alhart serves as the Emcee for the ceremony (and has since its inception).  A representative from Wayne Arts Council as well as Lyons National Bank are present and participate (short speech) as does Newark Board of Education President.  Awards are presented to a winner and a runner-up in several categories (Best Supporting Actress/Actor in Play/Musical, Best Actress/Actor in Play/Musical etc.) as well as several ensemble awards and an overall production award.  Winners are presented with a trophy and have the opportunity to give a short “thank you” acceptance speech.  The schools that win overall best production also receive a monetary award sponsored by Lyons National Bank.  LNB serves as the corporate sponsor for the program which is run by Wayne County Council for the Arts. It is a very exciting evening.  Students are often dressed up and it feels like a red carpet event.  

Wayne County is really a leader in recognizing achievement in the performing arts at the high school level.​



Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Elenbe Awards

Wayne County Council for the Arts