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Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00. Working from your own photograph you will create an oil painting of a subject of your choice. All levels of experience but must have basic drawing skills. 

  • Every Wednesday. This is an ongoing class so you can join at any time.
  • Teacher: Andrea Cornett
  • Cost: $50 members/$60 nonmembers for 5 weeks. Per class fee of $15/$20.
  • To register and with questions: Call Andrea Cornett at 315/331-9474

Wayne Williams - “Figure Drawing” class on Wednesdays from 6:30-9:00
p.m. The class will cover how to draw from a live model, how to capture gestures and movement, contours, color values, as well as teach about structure and types of drawing techniques (line, shading, perspective).

  • Day: Wednesday 3/29 to 5/17.
  • Teacher: Wayne Williams
  • Cost: $135 members/$145 nonmembers. Per class fee of $20/$25.
  • To register or with questions: Call Wayne at 315/331-1456

This 5 week class will be offered Sundays from 2-4:30. Working from photo reference, students will learn the basic techniques of painting with pastel. They will begin with a value study then go on to sketch their design, learn techniques for toning their paper, under painting and the layering process involved in painting with pastel. Kaylinda will also be teaching the importance of design, color, and perspective (linear and atmospheric). The initial focus will be on landscape but students may choose to work on other subject matter as the class proceeds. This class is for all skill levels.

  • Day: Sundays  4/30-6/4 (skipping Mother's Day).
  • Teacher: Kaylinda Schuhart.
  • Cost: $50 member/$60 nonmembers. Per class fee of $15/$20.
  • To register, ask questions, & request supply list: Contact Kaylinda at

HYPERTUFA GARDEN POT WORKSHOP (Partially funded by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation)
This workshop will teach participants how to create specialized gardening containers made from a mixture of cement, peat moss, and vermiculite.

  • This will be a hands-on 2 hr workshop.
  • Teacher: Lin Locklear.
  • Day: Saturday July 8       Time: 1-3
  • Cost: $25 members/$30 non-members. Supplies included to make the pot. No plants/soil included.
  • To register: Call Wayne Arts at 331-4593

This will be a series of four sessions on Sunday afternoons. Come learn to paint in the manner of 19th-century artists who painted outdoors. You will learn how to use a strong sense of open air and capture the beauty of natural light which became central features of French impressionism. First class will be strictly an orientation class. It is there you will learn the basics of how to paint outside, what equipment to use, etc.

  • DatesJuly 9   Time: 2:00-4:00  Lecture and demo only. You must attend the first class if you intend to take one or more of the on-location days. 
  • Following Dates: August 13, September 10 and October 15
  • These locations will be chosen for the interesting landscape of the surrounding area. All will have access to public restrooms.
  • Time: 2:00-4:30 will be out on location. ​
  • Cost: Full series: $50 members/$60 nonmembers. Individual class: Per class fee of $15/$20. Bring your own supplies.
  • To register or with questions: Call or text Elaine Liberio at 315/945-2374 or email her at

WEDNESDAYS WITH ELAINE (Partially funded by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation)
These one day oil painting workshops will concentrate on a single subject matter. You can pick and choose your topic or sign up for all four classes.  Bring your own supplies.

  • Cost: Full series: $50 members/$60 nonmembers. Individual class: Per class fee of $15/$20. 
  • Dates:
  • July 12                 Trees: learn to paint natural looking trees.                                 Time: 1:30-4:00 
  • August 16           Sky & Clouds: learn to paint realistic looking sky & clouds.      Time: 1:30-4:00 
  • September 13    Water: learn to paint realistic looking water.                              Time: 1:30-4:00 
  • October 18         Animals: learn to capture the beauty of animals.                      Time: 1:30-4:00 
  • To register or with questions: Call or text Elaine Liberio at 315/945-2374 or or email her at

ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASS WITH ANDREA (Partially funded by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation)
Learn basic color mixing and painting techniques using acrylic paints. Students may work from a still life or from photo references. Students of all levels are welcome, but should have some drawing experience.

  • Day: Thursdays  July 13, 20 & 27th    Time: 10am -12pm
  • Teacher: Andrea Cornett
  • Cost: $30 members/$40 nonmembers.
  • To register and for supply list call Andrea Cornett at 315/331-9474 

GRAPHITE VALUE STUDY WORKSHOP  (Partially funded by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation)

Great knowledge to have for the basis of many art forms. Learn to sketch a drawing using light and dark values.

  • Day: July 16       Time: 1-4:00.
  • Teacher: Kaylinda Schuhardt.
    Cost: $25 members/$35 nonmembers.

  • To register and for supply list contact Kaylinda at 


DIMENSIONAL ACRYLIC PAINTING TECHNIQUES(Partially funded by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation)

  • Using Acrylic paints, students will work with their choice of mediums and techniques to create a more dimensional surface. Some of the techniques used will be painting with a palette knife and using molding paste to create dimension. Students of all levels are welcome, but should have some drawing experience.
  • Day: Thursdays  8/3, 10, & 24        Time: 10am-12pm
  • Teacher: Andrea Cornett
  • Cost:$30 members/$40 nonmembers.
  • To register and for supply list call Andrea Cornett at 315/331-9474  

Join Bill DeMott for this FREE session where discussion will cover the following topics: Elements & Principles of Design; Monotype Screenprint Demo; B & W Nonobjective Drawing

  • Date: Saturday, August 12        Time: ​ 9:30-12:30
  • Cost: FREE
  • Please call the gallery to reserve your space in the session: 315-331-4593

MONOTYPE PRINTMAKING—FREE!! (Partially funded by the Finger Lakes Community Arts Grant)

This is a one day, hands-on demo/workshop where participants learn the art of the monotype print. Monotype is a one-time-only print pulled from a metal or plexiglass plate. Unlike etching or lithograph, the artist creates an image directly onto the plate using oil based ink. The plate then is run through a printing press transferring the image onto printing paper resulting in a single copy. Once the plate gets passed through the press, the ink gets completely transferred to the paper, leaving a blank plate which makes it impossible to pull anymore prints from that plate. Thus, a MONOprint! This is a fun, non-threatening way to be introduced to the world of printmaking. The artist simply "paints" on their design vs spending hours working on an etching or other type of print. 

  • Date: Saturday, 8/19​                Time: 10:30-12:30
  • Teacher: Bill DeMott
  • Cost: Free
  • To register or with questions - Call Wayne Arts at 315/331-4593 

PORTRAIT SCULPTURE (Partially funded by the Finger Lakes Community Arts Grant)
Olivia Kim will teach a series of 3 Portrait Sculpture classes. This session will be a great introduction to sculpting of the human portrait. By quickly blocking in the overall proportions and anatomical features, students are able to obtain the essential character of a subject. Students will create a clay sketch of the skull and then build on that to capture the image of the model. The next step will be to learn how to create a plaster mold that will be used to cast their sculpture. They will then learn how to unmold their sculpture and clean it up and get it ready for finishing with patina. Each student will complete a sculpture by end of this class.

  • Dates: Saturday 9/23, 9/30, 10/7 and 10/28     Time: from 10am-5pm.
  • To register or for more info: Call Olivia at 585/355-0706 or email 
  • Cost: $100 members/$110 nonmembers PLUS SUPPLY FEE: $25

PRINTMAKING WITH WAYNE  (Partially funded by the Nelson B. Delavan Foundation)

This class covers etching and dry point.
Dates: Wednesday, October 11 – Nov 15    Time: 6:30-9:00. 
Cost: $70 members/$80 nonmembers. Per class fee of $15/$20. Supplies included.
To register or with questions: Call Wayne at 315/331-1456 ​

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